Toni Collier: Overcoming Hurt and Brokenness - Episode 4

Jul 12 | Season Two
Episode Summary:
How do we identify unresolved hurt in our lives? What ways does hurt play out in our mental health, sin struggles, and view of ourselves? How do we heal from it? In this episode, Ben Bennett talks with Toni Collier about overcoming hurt and brokenness. Toni shares about the trauma she experienced growing up, the struggles it led to in her life, and how God brought her healing and purpose. They discuss practical ways to identify unaddressed pain, experience healing, and how God invites us into a better future. Toni is a speaker, host, consultant, and the founder of an international women’s ministry called Broken Crayons Still Color. She serves alongside her husband Sam who is the Lead Pastor of Hillsong Atlanta. Connect with Toni at