Dr. Caroline Leaf: Overcoming Anxiety & Toxic Thoughts Through Brain Science - Episode 5

Jul 26 | Season Two
Episode Summary:
Are our struggles with mental health, unhealthy thoughts, or patterns of behaviors fixed? Or can we actually grow, heal, and experience changes in our brains? This week, Ben Bennett interviews Dr. Caroline Leaf on overcoming toxic thoughts and anxiety by understanding brain science. They explore neuroscientific research and practical steps to overcome struggles and experience real and lasting changes in our brains. These understandings will help you move past being stuck to experience true freedom. Dr. Leaf is a communication pathologist, cognitive neuroscientist, mental health and mind expert, best-selling author, and top health podcast host. Her latest book, Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess offers five proven steps to help readers overcome the unhealthy thinking habits that contribute to anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts, and replace them with positive thinking that leads to health, happiness, and success.  Connect with Dr. Caroline Leaf at https://drleaf.com/