5 Steps To Quit Porn

You Can live a life of
sexual wholeness.

You Can live a life of sexual wholeness.

Learn five steps to kickstart your freedom from porn.

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The key to freedom: brain science and biblical truth.

“We’re all human.” What does that mean? It means that, like you, we all struggle with something.

Humans were created in the image of God, which means we all have innate feelings, longings, and desires. But what happens when those holy desires get corrupted by sin? And how can we find freedom from that captivity?

If you’ve asked these questions, you are not alone. We’ve built a comprehensive digital guide that combines biblical truth with brain science to provide five powerful steps to kickstarting your freedom from porn.

5 Steps To Quit Porn

“Feelings of love may come and go, but Jesus affirmed God’s design for marriage as a lifelong commitment.”

“The greatest counterfeit of Jesus’ sexual ethic is pornography.”

“God creates every human being with desires — or heart longings — that drive everything we do.”

“We were created as relational beings by a triune God.”

“Good relationships keep us happier and healthier — period.”

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone.

Find Partners for Freedom — Become A “Resolutionist”

Growing spiritually can be hard work, and growing alone is almost impossible. But you don’t have to tackle sexual wholeness on your own.

To find partners and leaders for your wholeness journey, you can get connected with our Resolutionists: individuals who have raised their hands as mental health, wholeness, and Jesus advocates.

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