An action comedy film…

Created in partnership between the Jesus Film Project and the Resolution Movement of Josh McDowell Ministry

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“Vigilant” is a short film that tells the story of Kevin, a dental hygienist addicted to Grabbles (an extremely unhealthy snack cake).

Kevin decides to try to stop his struggle on his own, only to discover the company that makes the cakes is malevolently intent on keeping him as a loyal customer. He must enlist the help of a group of addiction survivors to help him fight the corporation that wants to keep him addicted to their snacks. As you watch this action comedy, you’ll see Kevin walking the road to overcome his struggle and finding that it can’t be done alone.

Watch the film below with a friend, small group, or by yourself. Use the Conversation Guide to go deeper and discover proven principles to overcome a variety of hurts and struggles.

The HEART Behind The Film