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The Resolution Movement Discord Community is made up of Resolutionists—a community of people overcoming hurts and struggles and helping others do the same. This Community brings together individuals to journey together through biblically-based, research-informed practices and resources so they can get set free, thrive in life, and help others do the same.

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Shame. P*rn. Depression. We Talk About It All.

You don’t have to walk alone through struggles with hurt, anxiety, negative body-image, or unwanted behaviors. In the Resolution Movement Discord Community, you’ll connect with other individuals who want to better understand faith’s and neuroscience’s roles in mental health and lasting healing. Join a global movement of people overcoming their struggles and helping others do the same.

Our Community connects through Discord, where we pray, study together, and encourage one another in real-time. Join us for daily support from wherever you are in the world—completely free!

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Live Teachings and Q&As

Meet up with Ben Bennett regularly to learn, ask questions, and get trained in real-time.
Become A Resolutionist

Free Tools for Faith and Wellness

Get free YouVersion reading plans, podcast episodes, and self-evaluation tools from Resolution Movement designed to help you get set free through brain science and biblical truth.

Regular Community Habits and Practices

Find consistent wins through daily, weekly, and monthly practices, and grow alongside others as they do the same.

Support from Others

Grow in a judgment-free zone with peers who listen, accept you as you are, and get what you’re going through.

Training to Help Others

Get access to video studies and book study guides that will help you lead others to healing and wholeness. Learn how to share your story through social media and invite others into a faith journey with Jesus.

Become A Resolutionist

Meet Your Community Leader

For years, Ben experienced trauma, deep anger, a porn addiction, and mental health issues like anxiety and depression, before finding hope and healing through biblical, neuroscientific, and psychological solutions.

Today, Ben is an author, podcast host, speaker, and serves with Josh McDowell Ministry as the Director of Resolution Movement–a global movement helping people overcome hurts and struggles and thrive in life. For the past 12 years, he has partnered with world renowned therapists and ministry leaders, helping individuals young and old understand and work through the underlying factors driving the unhealthy patterns in their lives. He and Josh McDowell recently co-authored the book Free To Thrive: How Your Hurt, Struggles, And Deepest Longings Can Lead To A Fulfilling Life. Online, his social media content reaches 4+ million people each month.

Other Exclusive Perks for Community Members

  • Get free access to our exclusive community-specific resources and collaborate with other Resolutionists.
  • Text the Resolution Movement team directly.
  • Be the first to know about Resolution Movement’s latest resources and tools.
  • Get notified when Ben is in your city to meet up with him and other Resolutionists.
  • Grab exclusive Resolutionist merch and apparel.
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Don’t Journey Alone.

The Resolution Movement Discord Community members can be your partners on your journey to wholeness. Become a Resolutionist today.

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