Mental Health & The Bible

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What does the Bible actually say about mental health?

How does biblical teaching interact with recent brain science findings to maximize mental health?

Many people are dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges and not experiencing all God has for them

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Learn how to experience freedom from mental health challenges and navigate the bible.

Many people today are experiencing devastating levels of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other mental health challenges. The biblical teachings we often hear like “just pray when you’re anxious” or “choose joy when you’re depressed” can be a good start, but God has revealed so much more about mental health and healing in his word.

Join author, speaker, and Founder of Resolution Movement, Ben Bennett, and the Logos Team in this webinar.

He will share about his journey with mental health, how God brought healing to his life through biblical truth and brain science, and why biblical literacy changes everything for our lives here and now.

We’ll also discuss practical steps to experience freedom from mental health challenges and navigate the bible.

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Practical steps to study the Bible and what God says about mental health

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In This Webinar:

  • Experience an exclusive conversation with Ben Bennett and the Logos team
  • Listen as Ben Bennett shares what God has revealed about mental health and healing in the bible and through his journey
  • Learn how biblical truths interact with brain science to maximize our mental health
  • Get practical steps for experiencing freedom from mental health challenges through biblical literacy

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Mental Health & The Bible (Webinar)

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