The #1 Key to a Thriving Life

An Online Event + Live Q&A with Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett

Tuesday, June 22, 12:30 PM CST

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Something’s missing in every life.
And few know what it is.

That missing piece — the desire for something more — demands to be filled.
Addictions, porn use, negative thoughts, and other behaviors fill the void.
THE RESULT: Many are lonelier, more addicted, and more in need than ever.

Learn how to satisfy your most basic human longing.

  • Understand what most Christians are missing in their relationship with God
  • Get help with unwanted behaviors and negative thoughts
  • Find ways to deal with the pain of the past and move forward
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Help others get what they need for a thriving life.

  • Show hurting people how to see themselves as God sees them
  • Learn how to lead others into God’s design for healing
  • Leaders and families: Get customized ideas to help the young people in your life


Participate in a live Q&A with Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett

Have a question about the topic we cover? You’ll be able to ask Josh and Ben for yourself! We’ll cover as many as we can.

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In This Webinar:

  • Understand the Seven Basic Longings every human must fill (but can’t by themselves).
  • Find out how to satisfy your most basic longing and see God transform your life.
  • Learn the key to helping anyone who struggles with persistent unwanted behaviors.
  • Hear personal stories for Josh and Ben about their journey from struggling into thriving.
  • Learn how to make a positive and lasting impact on the young people in your life.

Everyone who signs up gets free early access to a chapter of Josh and Ben’s upcoming book, Free to Thrive.

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The #1 Key to a Thriving Life

Level up your relationship with God and others.

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“The #1 Key to a Thriving Life”

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