You Can Be Free to Thrive

An Online Event with Dr. Henry Cloud, Josh McDowell, & Ben Bennett

Tuesday, August 10, 2021, at 6:30 PM CST

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Stuck in an unwanted behavior or thought pattern?

One of these 2 obstacles may be blocking you from a thriving life.

Not knowing the problems and unwanted behaviors you face.

Not knowing how to identify and solve the deeper causes behind your unwanted behaviors.

THE RESULT: Feeling stuck, alone, and ashamed with no real way to find healing.

Bonus! Hear Josh McDowell and Henry Cloud tell the story of how Josh got unstuck during their sessions together.

Learn the root problems that drive most unwanted behaviors.

Gain insight from Dr. Henry Cloud, Josh McDowell, and Ben Bennett as they share their combined knowledge and experience.

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Find ways to identify and solve these root problems!

Learn to name what keeps you from living a thriving life. Then, begin taking steps toward healing and lasting life change.


Hear Josh’s healing story from Dr. Cloud’s perspective.

When Josh McDowell didn’t know how to stop unwanted behaviors and thoughts from overwhelming his life, he turned to Dr. Henry Cloud.

In this conversation, you’ll hear Josh and Henry discuss the turnaround story from both of their perspectives.

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In This Webinar:

  • Experience an exclusive online conversation with Boundaries co-author Dr. Henry Cloud along with Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett.
  • Listen as Dr. Cloud hears and responds to Ben Bennett’s personal story and how to address the specific challenges young people face today.
  • Learn how to identify the unmet longings in your life (and help others do the same).
  • Get practical steps from the Bible and neuroscience to live in wholeness and flourishing.
  • Participate in a live Q+A with Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett at the end of the session.

Everyone who signs up gets a free devotional based on Josh and Ben’s upcoming book, Free to Thrive.

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You Can Be Free To Thrive Webinar

Overcome the Hindrances to a Thriving Life

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“You Can Be Free to Thrive”

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